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Computing and Information Services

Disposing of old PC's and Laptops

The University policy for disposing of PCs has changed, and now all PCs, Laptops and Tablets must be returned to CIS for disposal, the Hard Drive are removed and securely shredded, and the PC, Laptop, Tablet is returned under the WEEE Directive to the supplier

Under no circumstances can IT equipment be sold to staff or students, and must be disposed of under the University Policy relating to the disposal of IT equipment. If staff require any further details, then these can be obtained from the CIS department via the IT Servicedesk

Lost or Stolen Equipment

If any equipment has been lost or stolen, then it should be reported to the CIS Servicedesk as soon as possible, and the following information should be passed to the CIS Servicedesk:

User of Equipment

Type of Equipment

Name of Equipment

Where and When Stolen.

A report from the Department and/or College, showing what investigations and actions have taken place to prevent future losses or theft

Date reported to Police (with Police Incident Number), if Applicable

Once the CIS Servicedesk receives an incident request from a user, then the call should be passed to the CIS Security team for further investigation

Replacement Equipment

If new equipment is required to replace Lost/Stolen, and after checking with the University Insurance Services to confirm if a claim can be made ( then the user should approach their Department/College and make a formal appplication for new equipment through the CIS procurement process shown at: