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Durham University

Computing and Information Services

AV Systems

All the audio visual systems in the University are set to time-out (shut down) between 3-4 hours after a button is pressed depending on the system. This is part of the University's energy saving measures supported by Greenspace. 

To ensure that the system doesn’t switch off during your teaching, meeting or conference always press the button on the wall panel or touch the touchscreen on the AV control when you enter a room. This will start/restart the 3-4 hour time-out and ensure that it doesn't turn the system off during your lecture. 

Using the PC does not reset the timer so users must touch the AV controls - either the button panel or the touchscreen - to reset this. The timer counts down (3 hours 20min for button panels and 4 hours 10 min for touch panels) from the last time a button was pressed or the touch panel was pressed.

To play your part in supporting the University's green initiatives we ask that you always switch off the system when you have finished you session. This will contribute towards energy savings for the University and ensure the next user has to touch the AV controls to switch it on therefore re-setting the timer. 

If you do experience a time-out and the projector suddenly turns itself off, you will be able to restart the AV system as soon as it has cooled down. Once the cool down timer has completed (touch panels) or the on/off button has stopped flashing (button panels), just turn on the AV system as you would normally. This process should be complete in 2/3 min.