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Computing and Information Services

Data Storage J: and S: drive

You should now see a selection of snapshots in the right hand window. You can navigate through the folders and see complete saved copies of your J: drive. To view any file(s) you must copy them to another location such as your C: drive or another folder on your J: drive.

Mapping your J: drive on a standalone pc

Firstly open the map network drive window. This can be done either by:

1 Right click on My Computer and select map network drive

2 From within Windows Explorer click on Tools | Map network drive

You should now be faced with the following window.

From the Drive dropdown list select the J: drive. Note for consistency we recommend you select the J: drive as your drive letter however it isn’t imperative that you do so.

In the Folder box type the following:



\\stevens\staff\dcl0ng for a member of staff on MDS

\\hudson\pg\dcl0ng for a postgraduate

List of staff categories

If you have any difficulty in identifying which category you belong to please contact the Service Desk for further help.

Click on ‘Connect using a different user name’ link and a ‘Connect As’ window will appear.

Tape Backups

Please note, we cannot guarantee the availability of a snapshot for a particular day, as these are managed in light of available space. However, regular backups to tape are also taken, and in the event that you cannot recover a particular version of a file, it may be possible to recover it from backup tapes, though this must be requested via the Service Desk and will take longer as tapes are stored off-site