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Voicemail to email

+Can I administer my mailbox via email?

Your voicemails will still be received into your traditional mailbox as usual. The attachments you’ll receive via email are in addition and editing or deleting them will not affect the copy that is in the mailbox on your telephone. So even if you delete a voicemail from your email, it will still be in your mailbox.

+Can I save my voicemails locally?

Yes, because they are sent as an attachment you can save them to disk if you’d like to hold onto them.

+Can I withdraw from the service if I don’t find it useful?

Yes, if you’d like to go back to just receiving your voicemails on your telephone,
simply contact the IT Service desk and request that the feature is removed.

+How do I request voicemail to email?

If you’d like to receive your voicemails as an attachment by email, please contact the IT Service Desk. You’ll need to provide details of your five digit University extension number and University email address. This will be logged as a call and you’ll receive a message once the change has been made.

+How will I know it is a genuine email/voicemail and not spam?

All voicemails will be emailed to you by the IT service desk.

The subject line will say Voicemail, followed by the telephone number of the person who left you the message and the duration of the message. If you are concerned about a message you've received and think it might be suspicious, please forward it to

+What is voicemail to email?

Voicemail to email is an enhancement to the current voicemail service. Users will receive an email with a .wav attachment each time a voicemail is left for them.

+Where can I listen to my voicemail?

You can listen to your emailed voicemails on any device you like, so long as you have a device capable of playing .wav files and either headphones or speakers. You’ll no longer need to be at your phone to listen to voicemail.

+Who can use voicemail to email?

This service is available to any existing voicemail users across the University. If you haven’t already got voicemail and would like to request it, please contact the IT Service Desk.

You might find voicemail to email particularly useful if you’re away from the office a lot and find you miss messages because you aren’t near your phone.

+Why have my notifications on the phone have disappeared?

Because you’ll be notified by email that you have a new voicemail, your phone will no longer display an envelope symbol or flash to let you know that messages are waiting. Your voicemails will still be in your mailbox to listen to as usual, as well as being received as individual attachments by email.