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Frequently Asked Questions

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Service Status Subscription

+Am I likely to get information about locations I haven’t signed up for?

Yes – disruption often affects IT in more than one location and so you may see locations listed which you have not specifically selected. In these cases, at least one of the locations you have signed up for will be affected. The same applies with services: where multiple services are affected, you may see services listed that you haven't selected to hear about.

+How do I update or cancel my subscription?

You can update your subscription anytime by visiting 

Select or de-select services and/or locations as appropriate. Once you have pressed ‘Update subscription’ at the foot of the page, your details are updated. 

To cancel your subscription, de-select all the options and press ‘Update subscription’.

+How will I know if it's an email from you?

Emails from the service status system will come from ‘’ and the subject line will start with ‘IT STATUS:’. This will be followed by:

  • ‘Incident’ if something is out of order
  • ‘Maintenance’ if there is planned work
  • ‘Update’ if there is useful information about the progress of an incident
  • ‘Closed’ once normal service is restored

+If I subscribe, when can I expect to receive information from you?

If you subscribe we will email you whenever maintenance work is planned which will affect your chosen IT services in your chosen locations. We will try and give as much notice as possible. We will email you again to confirm when the work has been completed and normal service is restored.

We will also email you when your chosen services in your chosen locations are unexpectedly disrupted (e.g. if a service or related equipment fails). In this instance, we will also email you if there are any useful updates and then again once the disruption is over and normal services are restored.

+What do I do if I don’t want to get emails from you?

If you do not want to receive emails from us about IT service disruption you can find out information on our Service Status page and on our Twitter feed 

We are exploring other ways of notifying our users about IT service availability and we will make sure that when alternative options become available, we let everyone know so they can chose the method that is best for them.

+What happens if all IT services go down?

If there is a complete loss of IT network and all CIS IT services are unavailable we will post information via our Twitter page

+What happens when email services are disrupted?

In the event that email services are affected in a specific location (e.g. in the Palatine Centre) we will still send an email to let colleagues in the rest of the University know they will not be receiving responses to emails that they send. If we are unable to send emails, we will continue to publish information via and

+What if my location isn't listed?

We are not always able to report down to a specific block location but can generally identify a building that is affected. If a building you are based in regularly is not on the list please put a request in to have it included via 

We will review it and as far as possible add it to the list. If for some reason we cannot do this we will get back to you to explain why and provide an alternative option.

+What services do I need to subscribe to?

That depends on what CIS IT services you use. We can keep you informed about CIS provided IT services, unfortunately we can’t provide information about departmental specific IT services. 

Most of us will use CIS email, internet, wireless and file store and so should select these as a bare minimum, other selections will depend on what we do. If you're a student you'll probably be interested in duo, the Library and maybe even Skype too whereas members of staff will find information about services such as Banner and/or the Content Management System more useful. Consider the IT services that you use during your day and use that to guide your choices.

+Why do I get information about other services along with the ones I chose?

This could be down to one of two reasons:

1) You have selected ‘All IT services’ from the subscription options. If this is the case, update your subscription and only select the specific services you use.

2) The most likely explanation is that the disruption is affecting a number of services of which yours is only one. It is quite common for a number of services to be disrupted at once. For example, activity to update a network switch can disrupt email, file store, internet access and a number of web based applications like duo and Banner. In this instance all services affected will be included and whilst you may have selected ‘duo’, because ‘Banner’ is affected too, that will be included on the list. At least one, if not more, of the services you have selected will feature in the email.