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Frequently Asked Questions

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+How do I run a Antivirus Scan on my MDS PC

+How should I move files and folders around on the S: drive?

Please note if you wish to move files/folders around on the S: drive we recommend you use the following method:

  • Right hand click on the files/folders
  • Select 'Copy'
  • In the destination folder right hand click and select 'Paste'

The original files/folders should then be deleted to avoid any confusion caused by multiple copies.

If you use the drag-and-drop feature of Windows Explorer this will result in incorrect security permissions being set on the copied files - and other users not being able to access the files/folders you have moved.

Please note that this is a feature of the way Windows XP file permissions work, and as such cannot be changed by ITS.

+I am unable to view my media files in Windows Media Player?

Windows Media Player only supports certain file formats; the following program is an alternative media player that supports a wide range of media file formats that can be used.

VLC can be accessed on both MDS and NPCS.

To access VLC on MDS.

Click START | ITS Utilities

Within this folder go to the Applications folder

Then double click VLC0.9.6

To access VLC via NPCS

Click START | Programs | Accessories | Entertainment |VLC0.9.6

You will then within the software be able to navigate to your media files.