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Windows 7

+How do I connect to the wireless service with Windows 7?

Configuration instructions for the Durham University Wireless service using Windows 7 are explained in InfoSheet 30.

+How do I use KMS for the Durham University Volume Licensed version of Windows 7 Enterprise?

1. First download the newest KMS file from the following server location on the PC with the Windows issue: \\parker\apps\kms

Download the KMS file called p-kms-01.bat and run as Admin

2. Once the file has been downloaded onto the PC, run the file by holding shift and right clicking the file. This should give you the option to “Run as Different User”, sign in with your admin account.

3. Once the script has completed its process, restart the PC.

4. Once the PC has been restarted you should no longer see that Windows needs activating. But to check you can run the following command in CMD: slmgr.vbs /dlv

The command will display a popup to confirm Windows has been activated.