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Frequently Asked Questions

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+Can I print large A2, A1 or A0 pages?

We have special plotters which you can use to print large posters and banners. You can also choose from a range of types of paper. For full details, see our pages on specialist printing or visit our printing service in the Bill Bryson Library.

+Can I print onto acetates/transparencies?

Yes you can. To do this:

  • When printing your file, select Printer Properties and then the 'Basic' tab. Under Paper Tray, select Manual Bypass
  • You should place your transparencies in the manual input tray (on the righthand side of the printer). Please do not put your transparencies into the normal paper trays as this may damage the printer
  • On the printer, once you've swiped your card to log in, select Paper > Change Tray Settings > Paper Type > Transparency

+Can I still use my departmental quota?

Yes, it is listed as free quota on your credit balances. Free quota is used up before your cash balance is affected.

+How do I buy printer credit?

You can check your balance and top-up with a credit/debit card online (minimum payment £5) here or using the cash kiosks in the Bill Bryson and Queen’s Campus Libraries. The cash kiosks accept coins and notes; minimum top-up is £0.10p.

+How do I print A3 Colour?

Create your document with the paper size set to A3 in Page setup, or use the Print Properties menu just before you print. Not all of our printers currently have A3 capabilities so you'll need to make sure you collect from one that does - the main Libraries are a safe bet for finding an A3 printer!

+How much does it cost to print?

The basic charges are:

  • A4 – each piece of paper costs 2p, then add on a cost of 3p per mono side printed and 18p per colour side printed.
  • A3 – each piece of paper costs 4p, then add on a cost of 6p per mono side printed and 36p per colour side printed.

For full details and to add print credit, see our purchasing page.

+I can't scan a document because the printer says I have no credit

A positive credit balance is required to log into devices.

If your balance is £0.00, please top-up your account via our online payment page or the payment kiosk in the Bill Bryson Library.
If you do not wish to top up your balance, but would still like to use devices to scan, please contact the Service Desk, who will add £0.01 to your balance to enable you to use the scanning functionality.

+I e-mailed an attachment but it does't appear in the list of jobs on the printer?

  • Check the page formatting is correct – non-A4/A3 formatted jobs are purged blocked from printing.
  • Be sure to use your email address to send the print job. No other email address will be accepted, nor will the abbreviation. 
  • Only common file formats (pdf, Microsoft Office documents, pictures etc.) are supported.

+I sent a print job but it doesn’t appear in the list of jobs on the multi-functional printer?

Print jobs sent to print pool are purged after 72 hours in the queue. During busy periods, it may take a few minutes for the job to process. Check the page formatting is correct – non-A4/A3 formatted jobs may be blocked from printing. If you didn’t see the pop-up message appears on screen after sending the job, try resending the job, or using a different PC.

+I sent a print job but nothing printed out?

First, check your print balance - if you don't have enough credit for the job your trying to print, it won't work. To buy more credit click here, or use one our kiosks in the main Libraries.

+What printers are available?

Currently available printers can be seen at: Available Printers