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Durham University

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Frequently Asked Questions

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+Can I access my J:\ drive from my home PC?

Yes you can, the quickest way is to map your J: drive onto your own PC, using the instructions here:

+Can I connect my games console to the wireless network?

From October 2019 you can now connect your games console to the wireless system at the university. A new system for 2019 is the Link IT wireless, information on this can be found here.

+Can I Telnet to a unix server from my own ISP?

All our Unix servers require the calling party's PC to be registered in the global DNS tables. The IP address that is allocated to each user by their Internet Provider when they dial up may not appear when they try to look it up in their DNS domain. The caller is not validated in this way so the connection is dropped. A solution to this is to contact the ISP to see if they can confirm that they are / not registered in the tables.

+Can I use skype for free internet telephony?

The ITS policy on acceptable use of skype is documented here:

+How can I access files on my J drive using FTP?

FTP is no longer supported, as it is insecure. See Connecting to your J drive for more information, as the procedure depends on your operating system.

+How do I connect to the internet from my room?

If you staying in one of our rooms then you can connect to the internet by following the instructions at:

+How do I find a MAC address?

Instructions for finding your MAC address can be found here.

+My PC attempts to use Dialup instead of ethernet connection, what should I do?

PCs with modems may attempt to use the modem to dialup to an ISP whenever the user tries to use an Internet application e.g. Mozilla, telnet, ftp, etc. Please follow these steps

  • Chose Connections option under Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Internet Options -> Connections
  • Select the option "Never dial a connection"
  • To reverse this configuration change (e.g. if wish to use the modem for external ISP), chose "Dial whenever a network connection is not present".

+What does 'IP address conflict' mean?

Your network connection has been disabled because it appears that your machine is set up to use an IP address which conflicts with another machine in our addressing scheme.

In order to re-enable your connection please set your machine to 'Automatically obtain an IP address'. This option can be found under the TCP/IP settings area of the Network applet in the Control Panel.

Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Network -> TCP/IP [ethernet adapter] -> IP address tab.

Your machine will then be served a legitimate IP address within our addressing scheme. Once you have made this setting change please contact the Helpdesk and we will re-enable your port.