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Durham University

Computing and Information Services

Frequently Asked Questions

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+Can student societies have email and web accounts?

It is possible for a student society to be given a computer account. The society can create a website and have an email address. The account will be set up on the understanding that the responsibility for the correct use of the account lies wholly with the person signing the registration form.

To apply for the account, the person who will be responsible for the account should fill in the following form which is available online at: The accounts are renewable on a yearly basis and the form must be countersigned. Mailnames must not consist of only one name, they should be in the format:

+How do I find out what my Durham email address is?

Vist the user details web page at:

You will be prompted for your CIS username and password. Your email address will be displayed along with other useful information.

This web page is also available from the ITS Utilities menu on NPCS and MDS systems.

+How do I get an account?

Students at the university are automatically allocated computing accounts when they register. Permanent members of staff will be sent an IT registration form with their contract of employment, while fees paid staff and temporary visitors to a department should fill in the following form which is available from the service desk, or online:

+How do I increase my file space allocation?

Each user is allocated an initial amount of J drive/UNIX file space:

  • Undergraduates - 400MB
  • Staff and Postgraduates - 400MB
  • MDS Users - 1000MB

Users are able to request additional space when required, up to a maximum of 2GB.

Increases beyond this quota can be requested by completing an Extra Resources form. This form is available from the Service Desk or from:

+How do I register for the High Performance Computer?

The High Performance Computing service is available to users demonstrating a requirement for access to powerful computing facilities. An application form is available online or from the IT Service Desk.

+How much central disk space am I allocated?

All users are give a standard allocation of disk space (accessible as you J: drive on NPCS and MDS and your home directory on linux/unix)when the account is created. These are

Staff and Postgraduates - 200mb
MDS Users - 500mb
Undergraduates - 100mb

+I sent a registration form to you, where are my account details?

Depending on your request, processed registration details are either sent in internal mail or left in the IT Service Desk for your collection.

+What are Non-personal usernames ?

Non-personal usernames are available for purposes such as:

  • Providing departmental or college WWW pages;
  • Departmental projects;
  • Student clubs and societies;

To obtain a non-personal username, please fill in a non-personal registration form, available from the IT Service Desk or online at: The form should be countersigned by the Budget Centre Officer (in the case of departments) or by a member of the Executive in the case of a student society or JCR.

+Why is my account temporary?

If ITS has no record of a university payroll number attached to a username, the account will only be activated for up to twelve months. This enables us to keep a track on people with accounts who are still working at the university, when your account is coming to the end of the twelve months then you will be asked to re-register.