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Exchange - OWA

+Can I access OWA via any Web browser?

Outlook Web App (Exchange 2010 & Office365) is cross platform and mostly cross browser compliant and displays the complete feature set or Premium View in variety of web browsers.

Since the relase of Chrome 37 and later there has been issues where the owa email controles on Exchange 2010 such as adding attachments and clicking on the To: and From: buttons no longer function correctly.

+Can I import my address book to OWA?

It isn't possible to import address books or calendars into OWA.

In both cases, you would need to start afresh once your account has been migrated to Exchange.

+How can I check my mailbox quota in OWA?

In OWA 2010, clicking the root directory of your account (your surname and initials) will display the current size of your mailbox. This feature works in most, but not all, web browsers.

OWA 2003 users can check their quota by clicking on the Mailbox Size/Quota button in the bottom left of the OWA screen.

The mailbox quota utility will display your current mailbox size, the quota for your mailbox and the size of each of your folders.

A graphical representation of the above is also displayed.

Please note that the utility only works in Internet Explorer.

+How do I access a shared calendar from OWA

In OWA 2010, If you have the appropriate privileges to someone's calendar, you can access it via the Calendar feature by right-clicking My Calendars, searching for the Name of the user whose Calendar you wish to open, double-clicking their name and clicking OK then OK

In OWA 2003, if you have the appropriate privileges to someone's calendar, you can access it from within OWA by simply adding username/calendar to the end of the URL in the address bar of your web browser, where "username" is the account of person's shared calendar you wish to access.


+How do I add senders to 'safe senders' list in OWA

Login to OWA using Internet Explorer

Right click on the email you want to add to 'safe senders' list

Select Add to Sender to Safe Senders List

+How do I reset my OWA language back to English?

For OWA 2010, click the Options dropdown menu (top left of the browser window) and select See All Options... followed by Settings, then Regional. Select the appropriate Language from the dropdown menu then click Save.

For OWA 2003 you need to carry out the following to revert the language back to English.

Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools | Options | Languages

Delete any languages other than English.

Close Internet Explorer then re-open it and log in to OWA.

+How do I track messages in OWA 2010?

Message tracking is possible in OWA 2010 by following the instructions below.

  1. Select Options | See all options
  2. Click the Organize Email link
  3. Click Delivery Reports
  4. Choose the type of search you wish to carry out and click Search
  5. Click Details to see more information about a given message

+How do I use a signature file in OWA?

Outlook Web Access does not automatically insert the Signature file if you already have one in the main outlook client. You need to add one separately.

OWA 2010:

  1. From the top right of the OWA windows select Options | See All Options
  2. Sellect Settings from the options to the left of the OWA window
  3. Add the required text in the Email Signature text box, select to automaticall include a signature in your messages then click Save

+What are the Office 365 mailbox quota limits?

The Office 365 quota limits are as follows:

Mailbox limit - 50GB
Maximum number of message recients per day - 1500
Maximum number of recipients per message - 500
Maximum size of attachment - 25MB

Despite the large mailbox quotas on Office 365, you should proactively manage your email, for example:
By emptying your deleted items folder regularly.
By sorting through Mail folders (including Sent Mail) and deleting any messages no longer required.

+What attachments are Blocked in Outlook and OWA?

By default for security reasons Outlook blocks a number of various attachments types. For a full list of these attachments see
If you do require to send an attachment which is blocked we recommend that you compress the file into a zip format prior to sending.
see for further details

+What is the address for OWA?

The URL for OWA is as follows:

+Why are emails disappearing from OWA?

If emails are disappearing from OWA after you click on them or after they have been read, it is likely that you have a display filter applied to one or more of your email folders.

To remove the display folder, you need to carry out the following steps:

OWA 2010:

  1. Click on the folder you are having issues with
  2. From the options options in the top left of the OWA window, select Filter
  3. Ensure that the Unread filter isn't ticked
  4. If the Unread option is ticked, click the Clear Filter icon 


For other browsers, rather than the folder name, you will see the word View and to the right of this you find the drop-down menu that should be set to Messages.

+Why do weblinks in my email messages get amended?

Exchange adds a secure redirect to web links in emails automatically. Not doing so would present a privacy risk to the end user. The secure URL also allows you to navigate away from and return to OWA without re-authenticating.

If the amended link was not added, when you clicked the unsecured link, your web browser would send the original URL as part of the HTTP referrer header. The referrer header would contain your username and the subject of the message that you where viewing at the time. By adding a secure URL, no confidential data is passed in the referrer request.
The above behaviour is by design and it is not possible to turn it off for privacy and security reasons, both for the individual and the University.

You may also see text which states that MailScanner has detected a potential fraud attempt. This message is displayed because MailScanner interprets the secure URL added by Exchange as a redirected webpage and as a result raises the potential fraud risk to the user.

Again, the MailScanner behaviour is by design and has been implemented to reduce the possibility of the recipient of the email being a victim of fraud.

+Why does OWA timeout when I am using it?

This is a valuable security feature to help protect your account from unauthorized access.

There are two security options in OWA, each of which has its own timeout based on a set period of inactivity by the user:

  • Public or shared computer which has a 20 minute timeout
  • Private computer which has a 60 minute time out

The default option is Public or Shared computer.

Exchange 2003 classes interaction between OWA and the Exchange servers as user activity. For example, clicking on a mail folder, opening messages, saving items, moving from one folder to another or moving from email to calendar.

Exchange 2003 does not class the entering of text into OWA as user activity. For example, typing an email, meeting request, note, contact or task.

Considering the above, you should save messages every five minutes to avoid OWA from timing out. If you don't save your messages as you type them, your OWA session will time out and you will lose the text you have typed.