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Exchange - Calendar (Outlook 2010 / 2013 / 2016)

+Can I add holidays to my calendar?

Outlook 2016 - 2013 and 2010:

  1. In Outlook go to File | Options
  2. Click on Calendar 
  3. Click on Add Holidays under Calendar Options
  4.  De-select then re-select United Kingdom
  5. Click OK

You can add additional country holidays by selecting the approriate country from those listed.

+Can I change access rights to my Exchange Online calendar?

You can change access rights in your Exchange Online Calendar using the following methods.

Outlook 2016 - 2013 - 2010:

Method 1:

  1. Open your Calendar via Outlook
  2. Click the Share Calendar icon
  3. Add the users you wish to grant access rights to
  4. Request to view recipient's Calendar
  5. Click Send

Method 2:

  1. From the Outlook Menu Toolbar select File | Info then click Account Settings then Delegates Access
  2. Click the Add button and select the required users from the Global Address List
  3. Set the appropriate permissions to your calendar
  4. Uncheck the option Delegate receives copies... unless you specifically require this option applying to your account
  5. Opt to send a message to delegates summerizing the permissions
  6. Click OK to apply

+Can I have more than one calendar?

You can add additional calendars in Outlook.

Outlook 2016 - 2013 and 2010:

  1. Go to Folder tab
  2. Click New Calendar
  3. Type a name for your calendar
  4. From the Folder Contents drop down list choose Calendar Items
  5. Chose to place the calendar in the highest level folder (Mailbox - your name)
  6. Click OK


+Can I invite non Exchange users to meetings?

Yes you can.

When you create the meeting, add the attendees email address in the To: field and send the invite as normal.

+How do I change the time view options in my Calendar?

At the left of the calendar is a vertical bar with hours marked in 24hr clock. Click on that bar with the right mouse button and from the resultant menu check 15 Minutes. You can also check 60, 30, 15, 10, 6 & 5 Minutes to get the layout that's right for you.

+How do I configure a resource in Outlook?

Each resource in Exchange needs a non personal account - this can be requested via the IT Service Desk. Once resource account has been created, log onto Outlook using the username and password associated with the account.

  1. Start Microsoft Outlook and from the Menu Toolbar go to Tools | Options
  2. Click the Calendar Options button
  3. In Calendar Options box, click the Resource Scheduling button
  4. Click the top two of the processing options
  5. Click OK (3 times) to apply the changes

Your resource is now configured to automatically respond to meeting requests and decline any conflicting meeting requests.

+I am seeing other peoples calendar invites, or they are seeing mine - what can I do?

Outlook 2016 - 2013 - 2010:
  1. From the Outlook Menu Toolbar select File | Info then click Account Settings and Delegate Access
  2. Select a delegate you have listed and click the Permissions button
  3. Uncheck the option Delegate receives copies...
  4. Click OK
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for each delegate
If you are receiving another persons calendar invites, they would need to carry out the above steps.


+Is there any calendar best practice advice?

Accept, accept as tentative or decline meeting requests that you receive and also send a response to the meeting organiser. By doing so you keep the meeting organiser updated with your intentions regarding the meeting. If you wish to attend a meeting but can't due to other commitments, you could suggest an alternative time. Meeting requests should be processed from your Inbox only (either manually or by rules).

Always send a response to a meeting request. This ensures that the meeting organiser is aware of your intentions to attend the meeting or not (by checking the meeting tracking information).

If you modify a meeting you created you must send all invitees an update.

If you wish to add an additional person to a meeting request, you can do so by opening the meeting and adding their details to the To... field and sending an update to everyone. If you only send an update to the recently added person, no-one else attending the meeting will know that they have been invited.

If you cancel a meeting you must send an update to all invitees. This is especially important if you have booked resourses in addition to people.

If you receive a meeting cancellation, you should click the 'Remove from Calendar' button.

If you wish to cancel recurring meetings. Open the meeting, change the end date and send an update. This ensures that previous meetings remain in invitees calendars but future meetings from the amended date are removed.

Preferably you should process meeting requests on a single computer. If you use more than one computer at a time and meetings request you have already processed still appear in Inbox on the other computer, you must process the requests again.

Do not add your own notes to a meeting you have been invited to. If the owner of the messages amends the meeting, your notes will be lost.

If you need to send a meeting to a distribution list, click the + sign in the To.. field prior to sending the invitation.

Do not configure your calendar to auto accept meeting requests. This feature should be used for resources only.

In addition to the best practice advice above, in order for a University Calendar to function effectively the following points should be followed:

  • Holidays must be entered in your Calendar and the Show time as: option marked as Out of Office.
  • All day events (e.g. conferences) must be entered in your Calendar and marked as Out of Office.
  • Time away from your department must be entered in your Calendar and marked as Out of Office.
  • Private events (e.g. dentist/doctors appointments must be added in your Calendar and marked as Out of Office.

+My free/busy data in outlook is incorrect, how can I fix this?

If your free/busy data in Outlook is incorrect you can refresh the the data by running Outlook with the /CleanFreeBusy command-line switch.

In order to do this, you must find the location of the Outlook.exe

1. Click Start | Search | For Files or Folders
2. In the file name box, type Outlook.exe then click the Search button
3. Note the path to the Outlook.exe file (the default path for Outlook 2013 is displayed below) then close Windows Search

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 2013\Office15\OUTLOOK.EXE

You know need to run Outlook with the /CleanFreeBusy command-line switch:
1. Click Start | Run
2. In the Open box, type the complete path (including the file name) noted in step 3, leave a space then type /CleanFreeBusy

The full command is displayed below and must include the quotation marks.

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 2013\Office15\OUTLOOK.EXE" /CleanFreeBusy