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Frequently Asked Questions

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+Why are my duo modules wrong?

Your modules for this year listed in Current Courses are showing as Student Registry have recorded them. As data passes from Student Registry, duo will reflect any changes. If they remain 'wrong', please contact Student Registry as soon as possible. Please remember at the start of the academic year they will be busy and changes may take a few days to process.

+Why can't I see a module Student Registry say I am registered for?

Please note that not all courses are accessible to students. Their availability is at the discretion of the module lecturer. Particularly before the academic year starts, some courses in duo may be set as unavailable to students whilst they are checked and updated by lecturers.

The 'Current Courses' module in the centre of the page lists all courses you are enrolled on including unavailable courses, so that you can see that you are enrolled on them. Only the lecturers may make a course available to you. If you see a course still listed as unavailable after term has started, do not contact Student Registry or the IT Service Desk. Instead, ask one of your lecturers why the course is not available.

Also, you should note that at the request of the University's Teaching & Learning Committee, all the courses you took in previous years are still available to you. There are tabs on the left side of the screen near the top of the duo page. Locate and click on the ‘Past Courses’ tab to see the courses you have completed. Click on the Personal tab to return to your current course list.

+Why can I see modules that I did not register for?

Some modules are classed as "feeder modules" which are used to enrol you onto other modules. Thus the list of courses you see in duo may differ slightly from the list of modules you have registered for. Others may be used for Departmental purposes, e.g. a module for all first years, or indeed all students studying this subject.

If you have any questions, please contact a member of staff in the appropriate department who will be able to explain why you are enrolled on that course. 

+Why can I not log into duo from home?

If you can log into Office 365 then your password is fine so you need to check the settings on your computer.

We suggest you go to the front page of duo (before you login) and look for the box titled 'Browser Test' . Click the button marked 'Test Your Browser' and follow the instructions.