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Durham University

Computing and Information Services

Code of Conduct for Mailing Lists

  1. All usage of the email list system must conform to the University's Regulations for the use of I.T. Facilities.
  2. Email lists will be established only to support the following activities:
    • academic communications (for example a list might be established by a group of academics to discuss a topic in their subject area);
    • formal communication within the University and Colleges (for example to send urgent information about pension scheme changes, changes to University closed dates, to announce new facilities in a service);
    • formal communications within Departments and sections of the University (for example to make a departmental announcement);
    • communications for College SCR, College JCR, DSU, DSU affiliated societies, DUAU and DUAU affiliated clubs (for example to announce a forthcoming meeting).
  3. So that recipients can differentiate between list generated email and unsolicited junk email:
    • All email sent to lists must have a subject field which states sensibly what the item is about. (For example it should be "Part time jobs available in CIS" rather "Want some extra cash?")
    • The email should be signed with the full name and status of the person sending it.
  4. Email lists should be used with consideration - recipients must not be sent multiple messages about the same issue.
  5. The provision of any list facilities shall be entirely at the discretion of CIS. CIS will periodically monitor list usage and withdraw the facility if usage is found to be inappropriate.