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Durham University

Computing and Information Services

Remote PC & Accelerated Apps

CIS provide two services to mitigate the impact of access to high-performance Windows OS classroom PCs owing to social distancing restrictions; Remote PC and Accelerated Apps.

Important: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is now required to access these services. To set up MFA, follow the instructions here.

Remote PC

Remote PC provides secure remote virtual desktop access to workstation PCs in selected locations across campus from your own device... anywhere in the world. Once connected, through Remote PC you have access to almost all software available on CIS's Teaching service and benefit from the full performance of the underlying PC hardware.

Accessing the service

To access this service, you'll first need to register here.

Using the service

Once registered, log into Apps Anywhere and search for Remote PC. Launch the application to make the connection and present your virtual desktop.

Which PCs can I connect to and what are their specification?

The service is currently configured in four locations across campus, chosen as they operate on PCs of a heightened specification (CPU/GPU/RAM), they currently include:

Kiln Lab: i7-7700, 32GB RAM

E216A/B: Intel i7-7700, 32GB RAM, Nvidia Quadro P4000 GPU

Engineering Annex: Intel i5-6500, 16GB RAM

PH216: Intel i7-8700, 64GB RAM, Nvidia Quadro P2000 GPU

MSCS labs: Intel i7-10700, 32GB RAM, Nvidia Quadro RTX4000 GPU

Current availability and usage


  • E216a35 free of 35
  • E216b22 free of 23
  • E3977 free of 8
  • EngEX85 free of 86
  • Kiln Lab17 free of 20
  • MCS100726 free of 26
  • MCS209429 free of 29
  • MCS309727 free of 28
  • MCS309828 free of 29
  • PH21619 free of 21

Accelerated Apps

Accelerated Apps expands on Apps Anywhere and Parallels service offering to stream demanding applications with full GPU support. Graphically intensive software for CAD, GIS and other applications often require GPU acceleration to operate effectively. CIS have dedicated infrastructure for these applications, backed by over 1TB of RAM and multiple Nvidia RTX8000 GPUs.

Accessing the service

To access this service, you'll first need to register here, specifying the Application you require, and listing appropriate Approval from your Department (Students Only).

Using the service

Once registered, log into Apps Anywhere and search for the application to stream Accelerated. Click Launch Accelerated from the drop-down menu.

Current availability

The initial list of software via Accelerated Apps includes Solidworks, AutoCAD, Robot, ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro and others. Providing that they are not already available on AppsAnywhere to Run Accelerated, Staff and PGR Students are able to request further software by using this IT Self-Service Form.

Note - UG and PGT Students are unable to access the form, and should reach out to their Department to make the request on their behalf.