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Durham University

Computing and Information Services

MacOS and iOS

CIS’s macOS and iOS-based desktop services fall under the Apple Desktop Service (ADS).


There is currently a single build of this service intended for single staff users only. The service is fully supported by CIS and provides users with the following core features and benefits:

  • Out of the box, rapid automated configuration.
  • Light-touch, cloud-based OS management allowing software and configuration to be delivered anywhere in the world.
  • Automatic Operating System and software patching.
  • Easily restorable – all machines of this build can be quickly re-built and recovered to their original state.
  • Disk encryption and anti-virus to protect locally stored data.
  • Remote support.
  • Kerberos tickets to non-AD bound clients - to allow users and applications to authenticate against CIS services such as printers and file stores with continually passing credentials.
  • Self-service access to a range of popular applications, utilities, fixes, and user guides.
  • Effective CIS support.

iOS and ipadOS

In response to a sudden increase in demand for iPads and other iOS devices all university-purchased devices running these OS' are automatically enrolled in device management, with a view to:

  • Provide more effective support
  • Improve the out of box experience for end-users; so your device is ready to use as soon as possible
  • Facilitate application deployment and automatic configuration where appropriate, to minimise repetitive manual configuration activities
  • Assure your data and apps are well protected
  • Assure the device remains in your possession and the property of Durham University
  • Provide no interference as to where, when, or how you use the device
  • Meet the numerous niche, one-off demands for tablet configuration in kiosk and other multi-user environments

If you've received an iOS device, you may wish to review the guide attached in the sidebar on this webpage.

The configuration CIS applies includes:

  • A setup experience that requires a CIS username and password. This assures the device is linked to you for support and any managed application configuration; allowing CIS in the future to pre-configure apps connecting to Durham University services.
  • The automatic installation of Self-service - an app to assist with the provision of managed applications and fixes.
  • A default Durham University wallpaper, this can be changed by the end-user to whatever they prefer.
  • A small lockscreen overlay with information on where to return the device in the event it's lost or stolen.
  • The forcible use of a 10-digit passcode, to ensure any University data held on the device is secured. CIS can reset this passcode remotely in the event it's forgotten.
  • Activation lock overrides - so if you or anyone else locks the devices, CIS can unlock it for you, re-use, or re-sale.