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Durham University

Computing and Information Services

Notes for students returning as postgraduates

If you are due to complete your course of study at the end of this term and intend to return as a postgraduate student, there are a number of things you need to do.

Print credit refunds

You can request a refund of CIS printer credits by visiting the Service Desk before you leave or graduate (before end of June 2019). Please note there will be no refund of departmental printer credits.

Returning as a postgraduate student

If you plan to return to Durham as a postgraduate student, you can apply to retain your current CIS account and mail name until your new course details are received, by requesting a temporary extension (see below). Once new course details are received, they will be added to your existing account and it will then reduce to basic access (see points below) until you complete online enrolment for your new course. You will need to request this before the end of June 2019.

Your current campus card will also be extended to enable you to continue to access CIS facilities and the Library but it will not include Library borrowing. It will not be necessary to re-print your campus card, a new campus card will be printed as part of your postgraduate registration process. You must return your undergraduate campus card when collecting your new postgraduate card; if you don't it will delay your obtaining a new campus card.

Temporary extensions

If you are intending to return to Durham next year as a postgraduate student, you may apply for a temporary extension of your account. However please note you are normally not entitled to access any course materials you had as an undergraduate. If you want to keep copies (and the content licence permits this) then you need to do this before your access is reduced.

If you wish to apply for a temporary extension, please fill in a Temporary Extension form. The form needs to be competed and authorisation received from an appropriate member of staff by the end of June 2019, before your CIS account is closed.

Basic CIS account access:

For those completing their programmes who do not apply for a temporary extension before the cut-off date, your CIS account will be reduced to basic access on your expected graduation date. This means:

  • you will no longer be able to log on to University PCs
  • you will have reduced acces to duo (you will not be able to view any module/course documents)
  • you will only have reduced access to email
  • you will not be able to access your personal disk space (J: drive)
  • any copies of Office 365 that you have installed and activated through your University account wil have reduced functionality, affecting your applications (Word, Excel, etc.) your file and your folder storage on OneDrive. This means you will only be able to read and print documents and will not be able to edit, create or save documents or files until you activate Office software with a new subscription through either a work or personal account.

If you wish to keep any of your files or folders, you should save them in a different location such as your own laptop, external hard drive or personal cloud storage, before your graduation date.

Your IT account will close completely 7 days after Congregation unless you apply for a temporary extension (see above). If not, you will no longer be able to use your Durham username and sign in to your University account, your email address will close and you will lose all access to duo as well as any remaining access to files and folders stored in OneDrive.

Society and other non-personal accounts

If you are responsible for any society or other non-personal accounts, you must make arrangements for someone else to take over and be responsible for them. Failure to do so will result in the closure of the non-personal account in July. To transfer the responsibility of a non-personal or society account to a new person you will need to complete a Non-personal Registration form request on the Self Service portal.

Mailing lists

If you are responsible for any mailing lists and want to close or transfer ownership you will need to contact with details of the changes.

Reading your email while you are away from Durham

If you have been granted a Temporary Extension, then you can use the email service to read mail sent to your Durham account while you are away from the University. You will need to regularly check your account to keep it under quota so that you can continue to send and receive messages. Information on Exchange mail quotas can be found here for undergraduates and here for postgraduates.