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Durham University

Department of Chemistry

Publication details for Prof. J.A. Gareth Williams

El Sayed Moussa, Mehdi, Chen, Hui, Wang, Zuoyong, Srebro-Hooper, Monika, Vanthuyne, Nicolas, Chevance, Soizic, Roussel, Christian, Williams, J. A. Gareth, Autschbach, Jochen, Réau, Régis, Duan, Zheng, Lescop, Christophe & Crassous, Jeanne (2016). Bimetallic Gold(I) Complexes with Ethynyl-Helicene and Bis-Phosphole Ligands: Understanding the Role of Aurophilic Interactions in their Chiroptical Properties. Chemistry - A European Journal 22(17): 6075-6086.

Author(s) from Durham


Monometallic gold(I)-alkynyl-helicene complexes (1 a,b) and bimetallic gold(I)-alkynyl-helicene architectures featuring the presence (2 a,b) or absence (3 a,b) of aurophilic intramolecular interactions were prepared by using different types of phosphole ligands (mono-phosphole L1 or bis-phospholes L2,3). The influence of the AuI d10 metal center(s) on the electronic, photophysical, and chiroptical properties of these unprecedented phosphole-gold(I)-alkynyl-helicene complexes was examined. Experimental and theoretical results highlight the importance of ligand-to-ligand-type charge transfers and the strong effect of the presence or absence of AuI–AuI interactions in 2 a,b.