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Department of Chemistry

Publication details for Prof. Jeremy M. Hutson

Takekoshi, Tetsu, Reichsöllner, Lukas, Schindewolf, Andreas, Hutson, Jeremy M., Le Sueur, C. Ruth, Dulieu, Olivier, Ferlaino, Francesca, Grimm, Rudolf & Nägerl, Hanns-Christoph (2014). Ultracold Dense Samples of Dipolar RbCs Molecules in the Rovibrational and Hyperfine Ground State. Physical Review Letters 113: 205301.

Author(s) from Durham


We produce ultracold dense trapped samples of Rb87Cs133 molecules in their rovibrational ground state, with full nuclear hyperfine state control, by stimulated Raman adiabatic passage (STIRAP) with efficiencies of 90%. We observe the onset of hyperfine-changing collisions when the magnetic field is ramped so that the molecules are no longer in the hyperfine ground state. A strong quadratic shift of the transition frequencies as a function of applied electric field shows the strongly dipolar character of the RbCs ground-state molecule. Our results open up the prospect of realizing stable bosonic dipolar quantum gases with ultracold molecules.