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Centre for Electronic Systems


We have an extensive range of facilities for electronic systems design and test, a brief summary of which can be found on this page.

Electronics Systems Design

For electronics desgin we use standard EDA packages such as Cadence, SPICE and L-Edit. We can also translate common CAD formats using LinkCAD. Reconfigurable logic can be created and verified using VHDL (Altera and Xilinx tools).
We have also accumulated experice with several finite element electromagnetic simulation tools including Maxwell and Quickfield.

For general systems design and modelling the popular Matlab (Octave) and Mathcad packages are used extensively.
Hardware control and acquisition can be achieved using standard software/hardware interfaces such as Labview, microcontroller, Matlab as well as direct programming in standard languages.

Electronics Test and Measurement

The Centre possesses a variety of industry standard equipment for testing electronic circuits. For digital systems we have logic analysers, aribitrary waveform generators and FPGA/DSP develpment boards.
For analogue/RF aqcusition signals, we have vector network analysers, RF communication sources a precision impedance analyser and spectrum analyser. We also have an industrial mixed signal test machine from IMP.

Optical Research

The Centre also accomodates a well equipped optical laboratory for research into Computer Generated Holography (CGH). We have a wide variety of basic optical components such as lenses, laser sources, precision positioning hardware and image capture. A key facility in the Centre is a laser mask writer system from Heidelberg Instruments GmbH which is capable of producing precision patterns (1 micron or less) on a number of different substrates.

For further information please download our facilities brochure.