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Centre for Electronic Systems

About this Centre

The Centre was formed in 1995 in response to an increasing expectation that Universities would engage with Industry and Commerce and generate comparable research income from sponsors instead of solely relying upon pubic funded grants. Our work began at the exciting interface between Engineering and Physics in the area of Electronics for Systems. Instrumentation is a key focus and we have followed its miniaturisation developing 3D lithography techniques based upon holograms to make novel sensors. This has invovled collaborations with Chemistry and Biology and an interesting cross faculty programme with Music enhancing the way in which wireless computers can facilitate group music, a project that has recently won an Innovation Hothouse commendation.

Major financial research programmes have been initiated by CES, in particular ReCET, £2.5m, NEMeC £1m, CENS £1m, 3DI £2m and just recently announced project TLES £1.5m. All these projects involve the applications of electronic systems research for wealth creation leading to patents and spin out companies. The Centre is directed by Professor A Purvis and assisted by Dr Richard McWilliam and is located within the School of Engineering and Computing Sciences, Durham.