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Durham University

Centre for Resources and Earth Energy Systems (CeREES)

CeREES Students

The details of the current research postgraduate students within the CeREES group are given below. Click on a name for the student's profile, or the project title to link through to the relevent research pages.

For details of past CeREES students please see here.

Reservoir quality variation in deep-marine terminal lobe systems

Geophysical evidence for fluid flow in the Laminaria High, Bonaparte Basin, North West shelf of Australia

Understanding enhanced oil recovery in UK reservoirs

Clay diagenesis and its impact on overpressure and reservoir quality protection

Spatial and Temporal heterogeneities in the Jurassic Kimmeridge Clay

Petroluem Geochemistry

Assessing High-Pressure and High-Temperature sandstone reservoir quality: Identifying the reality

The impact of the infra-structure from shale gas exploitation

Induced seismicity due to subsurface fluid injection.

Structural and thermal evolution of Continent-Ocean fracture zones

Statistical characterisation of fluvial sand bodies: Implications for complex reservoir models

Quantitative Controls of Pore Systems in Carbonate-rich Shales

Fault-void fills - pervasive and persistent fluid flow pathways in fractured crystalline reservoirs

Integrated Geomechanical Properties of Shales: A Case study in Nunukan Field, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Numerical simulation of subsidence due to coal bed methane extraction

Quantifying the significance of countercurrent imbibition on salt precipitation

Fracturing and fluid-flow in an exhumed Jurassic basin: An integrated field, microstructural, geochronological and isotopic study of vein mineralisation witihn mudstone-dominated successions

Controls of Re and Os abundance and fractionation in petroleum source rocks and Re-Os geochronology on Devonian Strata of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

Diagenesis and Reservoir Modelling of the Rukwa Rift Basin, Southwestern Tanzania: Implication on Helium Potentials

Deep Palaeozoic Karst - Geothermal Potential in Britain

Reservoir architecture and implications for EOR in deltaic systems

Overpressure as a control on reservior quality: the Taranaki Basin, New Zealand

Influence of fluid pressure on the diageensis of clastic sediments

Research into Seismic Wave Propagation in Extrusive Basalts

Understanding enhanced oil recovery

Understanding the controls of fines migration in sandstones

Modelling fluid overpressure and earthquake nucleation within shale fault zones

A reservoir-scale structural reappraisal of onshore Devonian analogues of the Clair Group in the Fair Isle-Shetland region

The role of redox in ferruginous clay mineral and iron nanoparticle mobilisation during enhanced oil recovery

Water quality impacts of shale gas exploitation

Diagenetic controls on reservoir quality in carboniferous tight gas sandstones

From the bottom to the top: identifying natural geological linkages from deep formations to the surface