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Durham University

Centre for Resources and Earth Energy Systems (CeREES)

Staff Profiles

Prof. Dave Selby

Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 42294
Room number: Rm 332

Contact Prof. Dave Selby


2015 - present: Professor in Earth Sciences, Dept of Earth Sciences, Durham University.

2010 — 2015: TOTAL Reader in Petroleum Geosciences, Dept of Earth Sciences, Durham University.

2009: TOTAL Senior Lecturer in Petroleum Geosciences, Dept of Earth Sciences, Durham University

2008: Lecturer in Petroleum Geosciences, Dept of Earth Sciences, Durham University

2005 — 2008: Lecturer, Dept of Earth Sciences, Durham University

2004 — 2005: Research Associate, University of Alberta, Canada

1999 — 2004: Post-doctoral fellow, University of Alberta, Canada

1999: PhD (University of Alberta, Canada)

1994: BSc (Southampton University, UK)

Career Research Highlights

Selby has been involved in the development and application of the Re-Os isotope system since 1999. His research focuses on the systematic development and application of the Re-Os isotope system to economic geology (e.g., sulfide Re-Os geochronology), chronology of sedimentary and petroleum systems, paleoclimate, paleoceanography, macroalgae, and the anthropocene.
His research is conducted in the Source Rock and Sulfide Geochronology and Geochemistry Laboratory and Arthur Holmes Laboratory, which forms an integral part of the Durham Geochemistry Centre.
For excellence in contributions to applied and economic aspects of the science Selby has been awarded the William Smith Fund (2009) from The Geological Society of London. He is also a Fellow of the Geological Society of America. In 2014 he received an award for excellence in doctoral supervision.

Conferences and Workshops

2016 — Chaired the session: Development and Application of Nontraditional Isotopes in Studies of Earth History. 2016 Goldschmidt Conference, Yokohama, 26 Jun – 1 Jul 2016.

2014 — Chaired the session: The Middle Paleozoic World, 2015 GSA Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Nov 1-4.

2014 — Chaired the session: OAE phenomena contributed from Asian and Western Pacific records. IGCP608 meeting, Waseda Japan, September 4-6, 2014.

2013 — AGU Fall Meeting: Chaired Session: Recent Advances in the Study of Ocean Anoxic Events 

2009 — AGU Fall Meeting: Chaired Session: Empirical and Modelling Reconstructions of the Tempo, Mode, and Origin of Palaeocirculation and Climate Change During the Holocene and Prior Periods

2009  Geochemical Society Goldschmidt Conference Chaired Session: Role of Metals in Understanding the Origins of Petroleum

2006 International Highly Siderophile Elements conference: High temperature and low temperature processes, environment and health issues, University of Durham

Current Research Opportunites

If you are interested in any of my research interests, namely Re-Os isotope geochemistry of ore systems, organic-rich rocks, petroleum geoscience, paleoclimate, macroalgae, and the anthropocene please feel free to contact me. 

Advertised PhD projects:

Holocene Sea-Ice Variability and interaction with the ocean and ice sheet along the West Greenland Margin - Supervised by Dr Jerry Lloyd, Professor Erin McClymont, Prof Colm O’Cofaigh (Department of Geography) and Prof Dave Selby (Department of Earth Sciences) - see

Ice sheet – ocean interactions in northeast Greenland: the role of ocean warming on ice stream stability(Ref IAP2-18-42) -

Editorial Roles

2010 – present — Editorial Committee, the Journal of Geology and Exploration

2012 – present — Editorial Committee, the Society of Economic Geologists


2008 – 2012 — Royal Society: Industry Fellowship

Membership of Organisations and Societies

Member, Society of Economic Geologists

Member, American Geophysical Union

Member, EARTH TIME Europe

Member, Geological Association of America

Prizes & Awards

2018 — Fellow of the Geological Society

2014 —Durham University award for excellence in doctoral supervision.

2009 — William Smith Fund from the Geological Society of London. Awarded for excellence in contributions to applied and economic aspects of the science.

2003 — Best Paper - Honourable Mention from the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists

Recent and Current Grants

2014 – 2017 — Total Ph.D. Scholarship

2014 – 2015 — NERC Catalyst Research Grant 

2012 – 2014 — CLAIR Group Research Grant

2010 – 2012 — SINDRI Research Grant

2010 – 2014 — NERC STD Grant 

2009 – 2012 — Durham University/Helio Resource Corp. Ph.D. Scholarship

2009 – 2012 — Lundin Petroleum Ph.D. Scholarship

2009 – 2010 — NERC Small Grant

2008 – 2017 — TOTAL Endowment Fund

2008 – 2011 — NERC CASE Studentship

2007 – 2010 — CeREES/TOTAL Ph.D. Scholarship

2006 – 2009 — NERC CASE Studentship

2006 – 2008 — Nuffield Newly Appointed Lecturers Grant

2006 – 2009 — Science Foundation Ireland (Marine Institute) Research Frontiers Programme

Research Interests

• Application of isotope geology to metallic and petroleum ore genesis
• Application of rhenium-osmium isotope to time-scale calibration/isotope stratigraphy/mass extinction/petroleum systems/macroalgae/past glaciations etc
• Rhenium-osmium isotope studies of organic-bearing sedimentary rocks/sulphide minerals/organic matter including macroalgae
• Developing the laboratory techniques for the extraction of rhenium and osmium from geological samples


Ph.D. Students (current)

Emma Ownsworth (2017-2020) – PhD – Tracking millennial-scale glacial paleoceanography of the Baltic Sea Basin – Sea to Lake and Lake to Sea - ERC-IAPETUS PhD Scholarship

Zeyang Liu (2015-2019) – PhD – Re-Os fractionation in organic rich sedimentary rocks - CSC-Durham Scholarship

Junjie Liu (2017-2019) – PDRA – CO2 precipitation of oil and associated Re-Os systematics - Total Scholarship

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  • Washburn, A. M., Hudson, S. M., Selby, D., Abdullayev, N. & Shiyanova, N. (2019). Constraining the timing and depositional conditions of the maikop formation within the Kura Basin, Eastern Azerbaijan, through the application of re‐os geochronology and chemostratigraphy. Journal of Petroleum Geology 42(3): 281-299.
  • Li, Yang, McCoy-West, Alex J., Zhang, Shuang, Selby, David, Burton, Kevin W. & Horan, Kate (2019). Controlling Mechanisms for Molybdenum Isotope Fractionation in Porphyry Deposits: The Qulong Example. Economic Geology 114(5): 981-992.
  • Zhai, Degao, Williams-Jones, Anthony E., Liu, Jiajun, Selby, David, Li, Chao, Huang, Xiao-Wen, Qi, Liang & Guo, Donghang (2019). Evaluating the Use of the Molybdenite Re-Os Chronometer in Dating Gold Mineralization: Evidence from the Haigou Deposit, Northeastern China. Economic Geology 114(5): 897-915.
  • Liu, Junjie, Selby, David, Zhou, Honggang & Pujol, Magali (2019). Further evaluation of the Re-Os systematics of crude oil: Implications for Re-Os geochronology of petroleum systems. Chemical Geology 513: 1-22.
  • Schröder-Adams, C.J, Herrle, J.O Selby, D , Quesnel, A & Froude, G (2019). Influence of the High Arctic Igneous Province on the Cenomanian/Turonian Boundary Interval, Sverdrup Basin, High Canadian Arctic. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 511: 76-88.
  • Li, Y., Zhang, S., Hobbs, R., Caiado, C., Sproson, A.D., Selby, D. & Rooney, A.D. (2019). Monte Carlo sampling for error propagation in linear regression and applications in isochron geochronology. Science Bulletin 64(3): 189-197.
  • Marcoux, Éric, Breillat, Noémie, Guerrot, Catherine, Négrel, Philippe, Hmima, Samia Berrada & Selby, David (2019). Multi-isotopic tracing (Mo, S, Pb, Re Os) and genesis of the Mo W Azegour skarn deposit (High-Atlas, Morocco). Journal of African Earth Sciences 155: 109-117.
  • Rabiee, Ahmad, Rossetti, Federico, Tecce, Francesca, Asahara, Yoshihiro, Azizi, Hossein, Glodny, Johannes, Lucci, Federico, Nozaem, Reza, Opitz, Joachim & Selby, David (2019). Multiphase magma intrusion, ore-enhancement and hydrothermal carbonatisation in the Siah-Kamar porphyry Mo deposit, Urumieh-Dokhtar magmatic zone, NW Iran. Ore Geology Reviews 110: 102930.
  • Delibaş, Okan, Moritz, Robert, Selby, David, Göç, Deniz & Revan, Mustafa Kemal (2019). Multiple Porphyry Cu-Mo Events in the Eastern Pontides Metallogenic Belt, Turkey: From Early Cretaceous Subduction to Eocene Postcollision Evolution. Economic Geology
  • Mederer, J., Moritza, R., Chiaradiaa, M., Spikings, R., Selby, D. & Spangenberg, J. E. (2019). Ore formation during Jurassic subduction of the Tethys along the Eurasian margin: Constraints from the Kapan district, Lesser Caucasus, southern Armenia. Economic Geology in press.
  • Percival, L.M.E., Selby, D., Bond, D.P.G., Rachocinski, M., Racki, G., Marynowski, L., Adatte, T., Spangenberg, J.E & Follmi, K.B., (2019). Pulses of enhanced continental weathering associated with multiple Late Devonian climate perturbations: Evidence from osmium-isotope compositions. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 524: 240-249.
  • Corrick, Alexander J., Selby, David, McKirdy, David M., Hall, Philip A., Gong, Se, Trefry, Christine & Ross, Andrew S. (2019). Remotely constraining the temporal evolution of offshore oil systems. Scientific Reports 9(1): 1327.
  • Zhai, D., Williams-Jones, E., Selby, D., Liu, J., Voudouris, P. C., Tombros, S., Li, K., Li, P. & Sun, H (2019). The Genesis of the Giant Shuangjianzishan Epithermal Ag-Pb-Zn Deposit, Inner Mongolia, Northeastern China. Economic Geology
  • Ownsworth, Emma, Selby, David, Ottley, Christopher J., Unsworth, Emily, Raab, Andrea, Feldmann, Joerg, Sproson, Adam D., Kuroda, Junichiro, Faidutti, Camilla & Bücker, Patrick (2019). Tracing the natural and anthropogenic influence on the trace elemental chemistry of estuarine macroalgae and the implications for human consumption. Science of The Total Environment 685: 259-272.
  • Simmonds, Vartan, Moazzen, Mohssen & Selby, David (2019). U-Pb zircon and Re-Os molybdenite age of the Siah Kamar porphyry molybdenum deposit, NW Iran. International Geology Review 61(14): 1786-1802.
  • Liu, J. & Selby, D. (2018). A matrix-matched reference material for validating petroleum Re-Os measurements. Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research 42(1): 97-113.
  • Jones, M.M., Ibarra, D.E., Gaoc, Y., Sageman, B.B., Selby, D., Chamberlain, P. & Graham, S.A. (2018). Evaluating Late Cretaceous OAEs and the influence of marine incursions on organic carbon burial in an expansive East Asian paleo-lake. Earth And Planetary Science Letters 484: 41-52.
  • Washburn, A. M., Hudson, S. M., Selby, D., Abdullayev, N. & Shiyanova, N. (2018). Extended abstract Re-os geochronology and chemostratigraphy of the maikop series source rocks of Eastern Azerbaijan. Journal of Petroleum Geology 41(3): 411-416.
  • Huang, S., Qin, M., Selby, D., Liu, Y., Xu, Q., He, Z., Liu, Z. & Liu, J. (2018). Geochemistry characteristics and Re-Os isotopic dating of Jurassic oil sands in the northwestern margin of the Junggar Basin. Earth Science Frontiers 25(2): 254-266.
  • van der Ploeg, R., Selby, D., Cramwinckel, M.J., Li, Y., Bohaty, S.M., Middelburg, J.J. & Sluijs, A. (2018). Middle Eocene greenhouse warming facilitated by diminished weathering feedback. Nature Communications 9: 2877.
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  • Ge, X, Shen, C, Selby, D, Wang, G, Yang, Z, Gong, Y & Xiong, S (2018). Neoproterozoic-Cambrian petroleum system evolution of the Micang Shan Uplift, Northern Sichuan Basin, China: Insights from pyrobitumen Re-Os geochronology and apatite fission track analysis. AAPG Bulletin 102(8): 1429-1453.
  • Ge, X., Shen, C., Selby, D., Wang, J., Ma, L., Ruan, X., Hu., S. & Mei, L. (2018). Petroleum generation timing and source in the Northern Longmen Shan Thrust Belt, Southwest China: Implications for multiple oil generation episodes and sources. AAPG Bulletin 102(05): 913-938.
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  • Liu, J., Selby, D., Obermajer, M. & Mort, A. (2018). Rhenium–osmium geochronology and oil-source correlation of the Duvernay petroleum system, Western Canada sedimentary basin: Implications for the application of the rhenium–osmium geochronometer to petroleum systems. AAPG Bulletin 102(8): 1627-1657.
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