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Centre for Resources and Earth Energy Systems (CeREES)

The Geological Characterization and Permeability Measurements of Surface and Subsurface Fractures in the Southern Negros Geothermal Production Field, Negros Oriental, Philippines

PI: Prof. Robert Holdsworth

Student: Loraine R. Pastoriza

CoIs: Prof. Ken McCaffrey, Prof. Jon Gluyas, Dr. Rich Walker (University of Leicester), Dr. Mario Aurelio (University of the Philippines)


Permeability of geologic structures is one of the main controls of the success of a geothermal well, whether that be for production or reinjection. However, in several instances, intersecting good permeability poses a challenge as tapped faults appear to be too tight to channel geothermal fluids. This project aims to construct a multiscale structural model in the light of improving well fault targeting, using the Southern Negros Geothermal Production Field in the Philippines as the study area. This will involve a comprehensive structural analysis aided by permeability measurements and thin section studies of faults and fractures represented both in the surface (rock exposures) and the subsurface (drill cores). The methodologies developed are intended to be applied in equivalent geothermal settings to lower exploration risks and hopefully improve drilling success.