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Durham University

Centre for Resources and Earth Energy Systems (CeREES)


Prof. Mark Allen Earth Sciences Petroleum 42344
Prof. Andy Aplin Earth Sciences Petroleum, Unconventionals 42332
Dr Ian Boothroyd Earth Sciences Unconventionals
Dr Richard Brown Earth Sciences Volcanic Margins Research Consortium 42303
Dr Susan Daniels Earth Sciences CCS 44308
Dr. Nicola De-Paola Earth Sciences Petroleum, CCS 42333
Dr Valentina Erastova Earth Sciences Geochemistry 41712
Prof. Gillian Foulger Earth Sciences Geothermal 42314
Prof. Jon Gluyas Earth Sciences CCS, UCG, CBM, Petroleum, Geothermal 42302
Prof. Chris Greenwell Earth Sciences Petroleum, Unconventionals, Waste materials 42324
Dr Darren Grocke Earth Sciences Source Rocks, Petroleum 42282
Dr Richard Hobbs Earth Sciences Petroleum, Geophysics 44295
Prof. Bob Holdsworth Earth Sciences Petroleum, CCS 42299
Dr Theresa Jezierski Earth Sciences CCS
Dr Richard Jones Earth Sciences Petroleum, CCS 44294
Dr Stuart Jones Earth Sciences Petroleum, CCS 42319
Dr Ed Llewellin Earth Sciences Petroleum, CCS 42336
Dr Colin MacPherson Earth Sciences Petroleum 42283
Dr Simon Mathias Earth Sciences CCS, Geothermal, UCG/CBM, Petroleum 43491
Prof. Ken McCaffrey Earth Sciences Petroleum, CCS 42322
Dr Rachel Oughton Earth Sciences /Mathematical Sciences Pore pressure prediction 42357
Prof. Dave Selby Earth Sciences Source Rocks, Petroleum 42294
Dr Stephan Stricker Earth Sciences Petroleum

Dr Jeroen van Hunen Earth Sciences Petroleum, CCS 42293
Prof. Fred Worrall Earth Sciences CCS, Petroleum 42295
Dr Charlotte Adams Earth Sciences Geothermal, CCS, and UCG 42280
Prof. Charles Augarde Engineering CCS, UCG 42504
Dr Will Coombs Engineering Unconventionals 42516
Dr Jonathan Cumming Mathematical Sciences Petroleum
Prof Michael Goldstein Mathematical Sciences Petroleum 43065
Prof David Wooff Mathematical Sciences Petroleum, Pore pressure prediction 43121