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Durham University

Centre for Resources and Earth Energy Systems (CeREES)

Roy Wikramaratna

Roy Wikramaratna has been an independent Reservoir Engineering Advisor and Director of REAMC Limited since 2016; prior to this he was the Head of Specialist Reservoir Engineering for RPS Energy UK. He has more than 30 years experience in porous medium flow modelling applied to oil reservoir engineering, enhanced oil recovery, carbon sequestration and groundwater resource evaluation. While working as a consultant in the oil industry, Roy has developed and maintained a research interest both in the theoretical development and in the practical application of numerical methods to solve real problems, in particular relating to oil reservoir engineering. He has published the results of his research in a wide range of mathematical and engineering journals.

Roy's particular areas of expertise and interest include:

  • Oil reservoir engineering and enhanced oil recovery; reservoir simulation specialist.
  • Modelling of fluid flow in porous media; application to single- and multi-phase fluid and tracer flow in oil reservoirs and other geological formations; geostatistical methods; methods for upscaling fine-scale heterogeneous rock property distributions for application in coarser-scale simulation models.
  • Numerical solution of differential equations; application to oil reservoir simulation; linear solver methods for large sparse systems of equations arising in oil reservoir simulation.
  • Implementation and numerical analysis of novel numerical algorithms for pseudo-random number generation; applications to geostatistics and probabilistic safety assessment.
  • Safety assessment, related to long-term sequestration of CO2 in depleted oil reservoirs and to effects of gas generated in waste disposal sites underground.