Centre for Ethical Philosophy

CEP Research

CEP research engages with victims as philosophical thinkers. Like ‘outsider art', and the ‘marginal knowledges' of women's and other oppressed standpoints, the thought of victims is a rich but neglected source of understanding.

The point of CEP research is not just to understand victims, but to help them. CEP research will challenge endemic perpetrator- and bystander- collusive habits of thought and action. It will seek input into the policy and practice at all levels, including public bodies, employers, institutions, companies, communities and families.

CEP research will use participation to analyse concepts, develop and criticise ideas, form arguments and consider objections. 

If you would like to conduct research at CEP, as a graduate student , postdoctoral fellow, research fellow, visiting fellow or in any other way, or if you would like to present research you think we may be interested in, we would be delighted to receive an email from you.