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Durham Business & Innovation Services

Spinout Companies

Applied Graphene Materials PLC

Applied Graphene Materials PLC was founded in 2010 based on technology developed by Durham University’s Chemistry Department. Currently based at The Wilton Centre, Cleveland, they manufacture Graphene Platelets and help customers incorporate graphene into new products.

Applied Graphene Materials was admitted to the London Stock Market AIM Listing in November 2013 under the stock ticker symbol 'AGM' (Read More)

Kromek PLC

Kromek was founded in 2003 to commercialise technology developed by Durham University’s Physics Department and now has Headquarters at NETPark, Sedgefield Co. Durham. Their vision is to be the world-leading provider of multispectral radiation detection products operating in the Medical Imaging, Nuclear Detection and Security Screening markets.

Kromek was admitted to the London Stock Market AIM listing in October 2013 under the stock ticker symbol 'KMK' (Read More)

P2I Ltd

P2i is a world leader in liquid repellent nano-coating technology with headquarters in Oxford. In July 2010, it acquired Surface Innovations Ltd, (a spinout from Durham University’s Chemistry Department). Durham University owns shares in P2i Ltd (Read More).

FScan Ltd

In 2008 FScan span out of Durham University’s Chemistry Department. It focuses on the development of commercial applications of its luminescent lanthanide chemistry technology platform. (Read More)

Reinnervate Ltd

In 2002 Reinnervate emerged from research at Durham’s Department of Biological & Biomedical Sciences. It specialises in the development of enabling technologies for research into cell growth and function. It develops novel approaches to monitor and control cell differentiation with distinct applications in stem cell biology.

In August 2014 Reinnervate was purchased by Reprocell, a Japanese stem cell company. All of Durham’s shares were sold. (Read More).

Virtual-Centre.Com Ltd

Virtual Centre is a specialist ICT company which developed out of Durham’s Business School and the Barclays Centre for Entrepreneurship in 2001. The company designs online environments and applications that support: teaching and learning in all phases of education and business and organisational development in the public, private and third sectors. It helps its customers and their employees to learn, share and collaborate anytime and anywhere. (Read More)

OlexSys Ltd

OlexSys span out from Durham’s Department of Chemistry in 2010. It maintains and enhances the open source Olex2 software package. This is a modern package for; the solution, analysis and refinement of crystal structures. They offer training in the area of chemical crystallography and services for small-molecule crystal structure determination. (Read More)

Concept Analyst Ltd

Concept Analyst is a spin out from Durham’s School of Engineering and Computing Science. Formed in 2001 it owns specialist stress analysis software and develops new applications. It is used for traditional analysis problems and as a teaching tool. (Read More).

Durham Magneto Optics Ltd

Span out in 2002 from the Physics Department, DMO specialises in the supply of advanced scientific equipment for research and development and magneto-optical magnetometers for magnetic nanotechnology. Applications include magnetic thin films, nanostructures and tunnel junctions, MRAM, hard disk read / write heads and spintronic devices. (Read More).

Geospatial Research Ltd

Formed in 2004, Geospatial Research specialises in digital mapping and survey, and application of geospatial technologies in petroleum and mineral exploration. It uses pioneering methods to construct high-precision virtual outcrop models serving as detailed analogues for sub-surface reservoir rocks. (Read More).

Goliath Wind OU

Goliath Wind is an Estonian company formed in 2008. Durham University acquired shares in exchange for technology from the Engineering Department. It has developed a gearbox-free wind turbine. (Read More).

Surface Innovations Ltd

This Company span out from the Chemistry Department in 2001 designing functional nanocoatings for surface properties. In 2010 it was sold to P2I ltd. (Read More).

Geoenergy Durham

Geoenergy Durham Ltd span out in 2010. It’s a consultancy company offering bespoke services to the geoenergy sector in the emerging themes of carbon capture and storage, unconventional hydrocarbons, clean coal and geothermal energy. (Read More).

Gamble De Grussa Ltd –Sun Patch

GdeG was established in 2004 to research and develop a transparent patch applied to skin. Entitled the “Sun Patch” this product filters UV light thus protecting vulnerable areas. Durham owns shares in GdeG.