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Durham University

Department of Biosciences

Academic Staff

Dr Carrie A. Ambler Associate Professor 41246 Contact Carrie A. Ambler
Dr Robert Baxter Associate Professor (Reader) 41261
Dr Adam Benham Associate Professor 41259
Dr Tim R Blower Associate Professor 43923
Dr John Bothwell Associate Professor (Reader in Bioenergy) 41349
Dr. Adrian Christopher Brennan Assistant Professor 41251 Contact Adrian Christopher Brennan
Professor Martin Cann Professor 43985
Dr P Chazot Associate Professor 41305
Dr Steve Chivasa Assistant Professor 41275
Dr Peter Chivers Associate Professor 41297
Dr Rebecca Clark Assistant Professor 41270 Contact Rebecca Clark
Dr Wayne Dawson Associate Professor 41308
Dr Paul Denny Associate Professor 43983
Dr Karrera Djoko Assistant Professor 40809
Dr David Doupé Assistant Professor 41320
Dr Jonathan Drury Assistant Professor 41348
Dr Elaine Fitches Assistant Professor 41287 Contact Elaine Fitches
Professor John A. Gatehouse Professor 41264
Dr Martin Goldberg Associate Professor 41250
Dr Sushma Grellscheid Assistant Professor 41378
Professor AR Hoelzel Professor 41325
Prof PJ Hussey Professor 41335
Prof CAB Jahoda Professor 41338
Dr Akis (Iakowos) Karakesisoglou Associate Professor 41299
Dr Heather Knight Associate Professor 43215
Professor Marc Knight Professor 41224
Prof Steve Lindsay Professor 41291
Prof Keith Lindsey Head of Department, Professor 41309
Dr Junli Liu Associate Professor 41376
Dr Martyn Lucas Associate Professor (Reader) 41345
Dr Arto Maatta Associate Professor 41337
Dr Ehmke Pohl Associate Professor (Reader) 43619
Prof Stefan Przyborski Professor 43988
Dr S Pyner Associate Professor 41346
Prof Roy Andrew Quinlan Professor 41331
Dr Olena Riabinina Assistant Professor 41282
Prof. Nigel Robinson Professor 42115
Professor Ari Sadanandom Professor 41263
Dr Martin Schröder Associate Professor 41316 Contact Martin Schröder
Dr Gary Sharples Associate Professor 43986
Dr Philip Stephens Associate Professor (Reader) 49102 Contact Philip Stephens
Dr Sean Twiss Associate Professor 41350
Prof A Walmsley Professor 49165 Contact A Walmsley
Dr David Weinkove Associate Professor 41303
Professor Stephen G Willis Professor 41379