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Advanced Research Computing

Large Compute

Large Compute

Advances in VLSI and the emergence of powerful processing elements at a scale never available before, have brought a revolution to High Performance Computing. Many-core processors, GPUs and FPGAs have made Petascale computing a reality and have brought Exascale computing in the horizon with the first Exascale systems expected by the end of the decade. At the same time there has been an explosion in technologies for modelling, simulation and data generation, storage, processing and analysis at a very large scale crossing all known boundaries.

Durham University hosts one of the largest global High Performance Facilities (Top500), is a key member in a number of strategic regional and national initiatives in High Performance Computing (such as the N8 partnership and DiRAC) and was recently designated an Intel Parallel Computing Centre and an NVIDIA CUDA Research Centre

iARC’s interests and expertise in this domain include:

  • Co-design and workload optimised system design
  • Cloud Computing
  • Green Computing
  • Security and Workflows
  • HPC-as-a-Service
  • Data Management