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Durham University

Advanced Research Computing

About ARC

About ARC

Technological advances at a scale and rate never available before, have brought a revolution to Computing. Petascale computing is now a reality and Exascale computing is in the horizon. At the same time there has been an explosion in technologies for modelling, simulation and data generation, storage, processing and analysis at a very large scale crossing all known boundaries.

This revolution in Computing can have a transformational impact in research across Science, Health, Social Science, the Arts and Humanities, introducing new opportunities but also new technological and methodological challenges:

  • How can these advanced computational techniques and infrastructures be harnessed to enhance and scale up current research methods, transcend siloed perspectives and traditional disciplinary boundaries, and transform the way key research questions are approached enabling the hitherto impossible?
  • Conversely, what are the design, functional, management and usability requirements for a new generation of machines and computational paradigms, techniques, approaches and methodologies necessary to address society’s most vexing challenges?

Advanced Research Computing (ARC) aspires to provide an intellectual home for researchers across disciplines to connect and address these exciting challenges. Through its commitment to research excellence, ARC’s goal is to leverage on synergies and act as a catalyst setting up and coordinating powerful research collaborations contributing to the growth of the economy and society. These will generate technology and projects with potential impact through Industrial partnerships, knowledge transfer opportunities, strategic regional, national and international initiatives and potential spin-outs. ARC partners with other academic and industrial research organisations around the world further expanding Durham’s reputation.

The aims of ARC are:

  • Pool together critical mass of researchers from different disciplines to form connected research communities around common problems or technologies
  • Foster cross disciplinary collaboration and promote cutting edge transformative multi-disciplinary research projects
  • Undertake long-term relationship building with external partners in academia, government and industry to accelerate innovation and identify pathways to impact

Drawing upon world leading expertise across the University, ARC’s current research efforts target the following major technological themes and broad cross cutting research areas:

  • Big Data
  • Large Compute
  • Modelling and Simulation
  • CyberSecurity
  • Digital Humanities
  • Social Computing
  • Future Cities

Contact details

Advanced Research Computing
Department of Computer Science
Christopherson Building
Durham University
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Tel: +44 (0) 191 33 42520