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Durham University

Department of Anthropology

Primatology at Durham

Durham has a dynamic group of primatologists. Our research interests encompass a broad range of topics in primate behaviour, ecology and evolution as well as primate conservation. Our specific research areas include, but are not limited to primate socioecology, ecology, sexual selection, life history, reproduction, growth and ontogeny, signalling, communication, predator-prey interactions, cognition, social learning, morphology, biogeography, welfare and rehabilitation, and palaeoprimatology. We also conduct ethnoprimatological research on interactions between humans and other primates.

We employ field and laboratory methods ranging from telemetry and behavioural observation to endocrinology, dental histology and statistical modelling.

We have links with field sites in many countries, including South Africa, Gabon, Brazil, Morocco, Republic of Congo, Central African Republic and Panama.