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Computer Science: Active Learning in Computing (ALiC)

Activity 2: Good Practice in Organising and Administering Project-work

Activity name 2. Good Practice in Organising and Administering Project-work
Participants Leeds (Mentor)
Newcastle, LeedsMet (transfer sites)
Aims Covered: 1, 3
Timescales From April 05 (for masters projects)
Background Leeds has a long record of demonstrably successful innovation in the management of student projects that began with FDTL project EPCOS in 1996. This has become local practice and the subject of formal dissemination in various forums, including national (ICS Subject Networks) and international (ACM) conferences.
Activity Transfer of good practice will include assistance for the following:
  • Helping staff form suitable and stimulating projects
  • Assisting students to select an appropriate project
  • The provision, and student use, of feedback within projects
  • Techniques and materials for supporting research skills
  • The use of peer support groups
  • Process-support for formal mark appeals
  • Interviewing staff who implement new approaches
  • Monitoring student evaluations of the process
  • Monitoring external examiner comments on benefits
Expected outcomes
  1. Experience reports of the use of these techniques across the different university environments.
  2. Refined bundles based on evaluation results.
  3. Process-support material to assist staff and students to adopt new practices.
  • Impact on documentation - Change in process requires significant changes in student support documentation - Mitigation: support material to be generated within activity.