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Computer Science: Active Learning in Computing (ALiC)

Research Informed Learning

Activity name Research Informed Learning
Participants Durham, Leeds, Leeds Met, Newcastle Aims Covered: 3
Timescales June 2007 to April 2010
Background A body of research exists that highlights the potential value of research to student learning. This activity investigates this potential. In reflecting this activity's focus on student learning, the terminology is 'research informed learning' rather than the more traditional label of 'the teaching-research nexus'.
  • Examine ways in which research informed learning can benefit both staff and students.
  • Communicate the research ethos by exploiting internships. The activity is very public and generates results actively used in final year teaching.
  • Results of an evaluation of a final year undergraduate module aimed at engaging students in research into their chosen subject domain will be considered for application by CETL ALiC partners. 
  • Evaluation of staff experience of involving students in research, using focus groups or questionnaires.
  • Evaluation of student experience, particularly learning, of being involved in research, using focus groups and the output of the activities they have undertaken (examinations, project reports, etc).
Expected outcomes
  1. Opportunities for students to be involved and contribute to research activities.
  2. Teaching staff who are aware of research-informed learning techniques that can benefit both their research and their students.
  3. Students who are aware of research practice at their institution, and are able to relate that research to their course and their learning.
Expected outputs
  1. Support information on the practice of student research internships.
  2. Report on the use of research informed learning to benefit both students and lecturer.
  3. An online resource that provides support materials for staff wishing to incorporate their research into their modules.
  • Staff may present content based on their own research but without the appropriate support.
  • Research informed learning may not suit all learners.