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Computer Science: Active Learning in Computing (ALiC)

Research Activities

The following sections highlight current ALiC research activities at partner institutions.

Quality Enhancement

The Quality Assurance Agency have recently moved away from the assessment of quality assurance to one of 'Quality Enhancement'. This work activity aimes to identify and share good practice in how departments can demonstrate and appropriately measure their progress in terms of taking forward an enhancement agenda.

Research Informed Learning

A body of research exists that highlights the potential value of research to student learning. This activity investigates the potential of research informed learning. 

Assessment and Feedback

Taking forward work undertaken for previous ALiC activities surrounding assessment, particularly 'Synoptic Learning and Assessment' and 'Peer and Self-Assessment for Group-Work' this activity will investigate the wider application of the results from previous work, and allows a comparative study and evaluation of results between the partner institutions.

Representations of Practice

Central to ALiC is the facilitation of the adoption of excellent practice beyond the CETL ALiC consortium. Successful dissemiantion is difficult. In this activity we investigate dissemination beyond the traditional dissemination methods, such as publication and workshops, to other methods including participation in the Disciplinary Commons activity with a specific focus on how educators inform their own practice


Digital consumer durables provide many opportunities to all branches and levels of education. This activity seeks to explore the impact of digital consumer durables on computing, the technical opportunities afforded by commonplace hardware, and the wider debate about the influence of technology. 

Project Working

Project work is common to nearly all computing and cognate degrees and represents a unique and distinguishing feature of those degrees. This activity aims to explore ways of further deveoping the project work at all sites. 

Student Centred Support

An increasingly diverse student population requires a varied range of support. This activity looks ways of managing the support needed for a diverse student population such as first year exprience while also exploring related issues such as curriculum design. 


In this activity we will consolidate the previous work by ALiC on collaborative cross-site development work between students on our Software Engineering modules at Durham and Newcastle and between multi-disciplinary teams and industrial customers at Leeds Met in order to embed realistic projects and group working opportunities into the CS curriculum.

Conduct and Benefit of Placements

This activity will explore the percieved benefits of placements in industry to the student, the employer and Higher Education. This activity will include the investigation of how to go about evaluating those benefits.