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Academic Support Office

Module Development

Please note: more detailed instructions on working with the online module outline system can be downloaded from the module outline website.

The Module Outline system

All proposals for new modules, or to amend or withdraw existing modules, must be submitted electronically via the module outline website. To use the module outline system you will need to have Altova Authentic installed on your computer.

All module outline changes to take effect from October 2018 should be submitted electronically by 26 January 2018 (for undergraduate programmes) or 16 March 2018 (for postgraduate programmes).

Changes to existing modules

To make a change to a Module Outline, simply download a copy of the most current version of the module you wish to amend (usually the official version). Then open the document (an .xml file) using Altova Authentic, and make the changes as appropriate. You will then be able to upload the revised module to the website, outlining the timing of, and reasons for, the proposed change.

The appropriate members of the Academic Support Office will be informed automatically by email, and will be able to either approve the change (in the case of minor changes), refer the change to the relevant faculty senior officer for approval (in the case of significant changes), or contact you with queries or requested revisions.

Changes can be proposed with immediate effect, or to take place in future academic years.

New modules

To submit a new module for consideration, simply download a copy of the blank undergraduate or postgraduate module outline template. Then you can enter the correct information and upload the module to the website.

Please note: all new modules should be accompanied by external examiners' comments, and all new modules require the approval of the chair of the relevant Faculty Education Committee.

Advice on module development

Advice on the module development process is available from the relevant Assistant Registrar/Faculty Support Officer:



Faculty of Arts and Humanities


Simon Appleton

Faculty of Science

Nicola Brennan

Sam Graham

Faculty of Social Sciences and Health

Jess Stacey

Ellen Chapman

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