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Academic Skills Programme

Developing your speaking and listening skills will help you to express your ideas clearly and confidently in presentations and group situations.

Workshops: April-June open for booking

Academic Language and Communication Courses

Successful academic study at University level requires mastery of a range of writing, reading and speaking skills. No one's first language is academic English and the self-diagnostic tool will help you identify your level and the best courses for you.

The English Language Centre's courses are designed to help students make this transition and acquire the academic literacy and language skills they need to succeed at university. They are free of charge and open to all students enrolled at Durham University.

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The English for Academic Studies online course (first log into duo to access the course)

Includes the following sections:

These resources will help you appreciate the challenges of the different types of listening you will do on your course and introduce strategies to improve your listening skills.

These resources will help you to Interact effectively with peers and university staff, participate in academic discussions and identify strategies to develop speaking skills in different contexts.

Online Resources

Working with others

Making Groupwork Work

Booklet providing a comprehensive guide to student group work. It covers topics including how and why groupwork is used in HE, getting started with your group, personalities and roles, communication, dealing with conflict, reviewing progress and making decisions.

Creating a Team

Steps to take at the outset of a group work project to ensure that the group works together effectively.

Ground Rules for Group Work An overview of things to consider when setting ground rules for a group work project.
Effective Communication

Advice on how to communicate effectively in a group working environment.

Feedback and Reflection in Group Work

Providing and receiving useful and constructive feedback in a group working environment.

10 Group Work Videos A series of videos following a group of students through their group work project.


Open to taught students, you can attend as few or as many as you need. It is important to make best use of your time, so think carefully about the academic skills you need to develop.