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Academic Office

Student Enrolment Project


The University Executive Committee has agreed a proposal to re-engineer the student enrolment and module registration processes and to develop and implement a new online system. 

The registration process is one of the first interactions between students and the University. It therefore creates a powerful first impression of the University’s efficiency and approach to customer service. Yet our current process is paper-based, requires students to queue at a number of different venues sometimes for several hours, and students have told us that it is a ‘confusing…and chaotic’ introduction to the University. 

The project’s main aim is therefore to enhance the student experience by providing a quick and efficient introduction to University services for new students. This will in part be achieved by ensuring that a Campus Card is produced before new students arrive if a digital photograph has been uploaded as part of their online enrolment process. The project also aims to make the enrolment and module registration process more efficient for both students and staff and to deliver enrolment and module registration information more quickly and accurately to users.

The two parts of the process have been conceptualised separately into a phased implementation which will allow us to make better use of the University’s IT infrastructure to support the process:

  • Student Enrolment - this is the process by which students confirm or update personal information, upload digital photos for Campus Card creation and signify their acceptance of the University’s regulations. Online enrolment was implemented in October 2008.
  • Module Registration - this is the process by which students choose modules and seek authorisation for that module choice. Preparatory work for online module registration is currently underway. More details can be found under the "Phase 2" link on the left hand side of this page.