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Centre for Academic, Researcher & Organisation Development

Postgraduate Training Programme

The Durham Doctoral Training Programme consists of an induction day followed by a series of courses and developmental opportunities spread throughout the year. Below we list upcoming courses in the programme. To book on any of these courses, click on the link which will take you to the appropriate page in the Training Booking System. This list of courses is updated daily.

Upcoming courses

14 courses found

The time given for a course is the time of the first session. Some courses have more than one session, and you will generally be required to attend all sessions. Please check this on the course details page before booking on the course.

Course providerCourse codeCourse nameCourse timeDetails
Researcher Development (DCAD)GD779Beyond the PhD : Making the transition to a career beyond academia3 November 2020 12:00Details for GD779 on 3 Nov 20
Researcher Development (DCAD)GD867Biological Safety - Working Human Tissue3 November 2020 14:00Details for GD867 on 3 Nov 20
Researcher Development (DCAD)GD336Effective Poster Presentations5 November 2020 14:00Details for GD336 on 5 Nov 20
Researcher Development (DCAD)GD932Researcher Futures: career opportunities with MathWorks10 November 2020 12:00Details for GD932 on 10 Nov 20
Researcher Development (DCAD)GD927Impact Game Changer: Virtual Sprint Challenge - Win a share of 1,000!11 November 2020 13:30Details for GD927 on 11 Nov 20
Researcher Development (DCAD)GD674Introduction to LinkedIn. Using social media to support your career research, job seeking and professional network19 November 2020 12:00Details for GD674 on 19 Nov 20
Researcher Development (DCAD)GD902The Effective Remote Researcher 90 minute Webinar20 November 2020 10:00Details for GD902 on 20 Nov 20
Researcher Development (DCAD)GD876Crafts for Wellbeing20 November 2020 14:00Details for GD876 on 20 Nov 20
Researcher Development (DCAD)GD688Impostor Syndrome1 December 2020 10:00Details for GD688 on 1 Dec 20
Researcher Development (DCAD)GD336Effective Poster Presentations2 December 2020 14:00Details for GD336 on 2 Dec 20
Researcher Development (DCAD)GD745Introduction to MBTI Personality Type2 December 2020 14:00Details for GD745 on 2 Dec 20
Researcher Development (DCAD)GD752Hands-on Project Management session: Creating your own Gantt chart with Excel7 December 2020 13:30Details for GD752 on 7 Dec 20
Researcher Development (DCAD)GD929Pre-Christmas Mini Conference9 December 2020 11:00Details for GD929 on 9 Dec 20
Researcher Development (DCAD)GD935What is involved in being a research supervisor?26 January 2021 10:00Details for GD935 on 26 Jan 21

HR Excellence in Research

We are one of only 15 UK universities to gain the HR Excellence in Research award from the European Commission, showing Durham's commitment to supporting the development of our researchers.