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About Durham University

Policy Zone

Policies provide a statement of principles which indicate how the University will act in a particular area of its operation. They provide high level direction and guidance, establish key principles and responsibilities, set fundamental requirements and limits and allocate responsibilities. Approval would normally be granted by a governance committee such as Council or Senate.

Procedures and guidance which define how a policy will be implemented are generally provided on the responsible department web pages.

The University policies listed below can be searched by clicking on the corresponding letter, or ordered alphabetically by Title or by Area of Responsibility/Theme by clicking on the arrow next to the column header.

Please report any issues with the links or requests to add/remove/amend policies to either: or

The new template for policies should be used when current policies are revised or new policies created.

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Policy Area of Responsibility / Theme
Admissions Policy, Postgraduate Student (Admissions)
Admissions Policy, Undergraduate Student (Admissions)
Adoption Leave Human Resources
Anti-Bribery and Fraud Prevention Policy Fraud Prevention
Beareavement Leave Human Resources
Biodiversity Policy Environment (Greenspace)
Collections Development Policy: Archives and Special Collections PDF Library Services
Consultancy and Services for Outside Bodies Policy Research and Innovation Services
Corporate, Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSER) Policy Procurement
Data Protection Policy Information Governance
Data Protection Training Policy Information Governance
Donor Recognition Policy PDF Fundraising
E-theses Service. Takedown Policy PDF Library Services
Emergency Leave Human Resources
Environmental Sustainability Vision, Policy and Strategy Environment (Greenspace)
Ethics Policy Research and Innovation Services
Expenses Policy Finance
Fairtrade Policy PDF Environment (Greenspace)
Fitness to Study Policy Student (Experience and Wellbeing)
Fixed Assets Policy and Procedures Finance
Flexible Working Policy and Academic Staff Timetabling Requests Policy Human Resources
Gift Acceptance Policy PDF Fundraising
Gifts Policy (Library)PDF Library Services
Grading Reviews Human Resources
Grievance Regulations Human Resources
Health and Safety Policy PDF Health and Safety
Health and Safety Policy (Library and Culture Durham) PDF Library Services
Ill Health & Absence Regulations Human Resources
Information Security Policy Computing and Information Service / Information Governance
Intellectual Property Policy Research and Innovation Services
Leave and Holidays Human Resources
Leave of Absence Human Resources
Lecture Capture Policy Computing and Information Service
Library Collection Management Policy PDF Library Services
Library Food and Drink Policy Library Services
Library Preservations Policy PDF Library Services
Mandatory Training Policy Human Resources
Maternity Leave Human Resources
Mental Health Policy Student (Experience and Wellbeing)
Monitoring and Interception Policy Computing and Information Service
Nightly Shutdown of PCs Policy PDF Environment (Greenspace)
Nursery Policies Human Resources
Open Access Policy Research and Innovation Services
Parental Leave Human Resources
Parking Policy PDF Estates
Paternity Leave Human Resources
Paternity Leave whilst Adopting Human Resources
Pricing for Externally Funded Projects Research and Innovation Services
Principal Investigator / Project Lead Eligibility Research and Innovation Services
Printing Policy PDF Environment (Greenspace)
Probation Human Resources
Probation - Unsatisfactory Perfomance Regulation Human Resources
Procurement Policy Procurement
Professors in Practice Human Resources
Public Sector Information Regulations Policy PDF Library Services
Purchasing Card Policy Procurement
Records Management Policy and Strategy Information Governance
Recruitment & Selection Regulation Human Resources
Redeployment Policy and Procedure Human Resources
Redundancy Regulations Human Resources
Relocation and Removal Expenses Policy Human Resources
Request for Payment Policy Finance
Research Data Management Policy Research and Innovation Services
Research Equipment Sharing Policy Research and Innovation Services
Research Integrity Policy and Code of Practice Research and Innovation Services
Research involving terrorist or violent extremist materials Research and Innovation Services
Research Misconduct Policy Human Resources
Research or Other Paid Leave Arrangements Human Resources
Research Publications Policy Library Services
Research Staff in Grades 6 to 9 Human Resources
Respect at Study Policy Student (Experience and Wellbeing)
Respect at Work: Harassment and Bullying Policy and Procedures for Staff Human Resources
Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy Student (Experience and Wellbeing)
Shared Parental Leave Policy Human Resources
Sickness Absence Human Resources
Smoking Policy Human Resources
Social Networking Sites and Personal Internet Presence Guidance Human Resources
Space Management Policy PDF Estates
Staff Volunteering Policy Volunteering and Outreach
Step Up and Secondment Policy Human Resources
Student Alcohol Awareness and Use Policy Student (Experience and Wellbeing)
Student Debt Policy relating to tuition and residence Finance
Substance Misuse and Awareness Policy Human Resources
Sustainable Construction and Renovation Policy PDF Estates
Virtual Private Network Policy Computing and Information Service
Web - Take Down Policy Computing and Information Service
Web Accessibility Policy Computing and Information Service
Whistleblowing - Public Interest Disclosure Policy Whistleblowing
Work with Outside Bodies Research and Innovation Services
Work-Life Balance Human Resources